Scholarship Program

The I.H.S. Staff Scholarship Program was developed out of an arrangement where staff members agreed to make a $10 monthly contribution to a common fund. The funds pooled from this arrangement are used to provide financial assistance to deserving students from any of the 15 villages served by our institution. This program was developed on the premise that the beneficiary must be willing and prepared to work a specified number of hours per week in an area to be determined by the staff.

The scholarship will be granted on a year to year basis and retaining the scholarship is dependent on passing each year and also on maintaining very good behavior.

To qualify, a student must:

 Be accepted at Independence High School
 Be prepared to work at school for a specified number of hours in a given area of need by the school.
 Has the economic need.
 Demonstrate an interest in community service.
 Demonstrate a positive attitude to education.
 Has the appropriate academic aptitude.
 Has good conduct
 Be recommended by a former teacher and a village leader.
 Write an essay of not more than 200 words indicating why he/she should be awarded the scholarship.

Additional Financial Assistance Available for Students

1. Belize Telemedia Limited scholarship program
2. Belize Social Security Scholarship Program
3. Rotary Club scholarship (Peninsular students only)
4. Government of Belize Assistance Program
5. NGOs Scholarship Programmes