Student Affairs


Based on the Education Rules we are mandated to “establish and promulgate rules and regulations governing the responsibilities, behavior and dress of students. Such regulations shall dictate the behavior, dress and responsibilities of students while at school but may also impose school-related responsibilities and dictate general comportment while not at school.”


Each class is responsible for organizing and presenting an assembly which should last between twenty to thirty minutes. The assembly should consist of the following:

  • Raising of the flag and singing of the national anthem
  • A scripture reading followed by a prayer
  • A theme that should be portrayed and expounded on
  • A safety tip for the week

Assemblies begin five minutes after homeroom period and all are required to be punctual. Students are to be attentive and respectful during assembly. Caps are not to be worn during this time.


Students bringing their bicycles to school are to ensure that it is properly locked and parked in the designated areas (bike racks). The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.

Change of Address

If you have a change of address or a change in phone number at any time after completion of registration, or throughout the school year, you should notify the office immediately.

Classroom Code of Conduct

For learning to take place in the classroom, a certain level of discipline must be exercised by the students. Although we recognize that “kids will be kids” and a certain level of mischief will exist, students must realize that poor discipline in the classroom causes them to be non-productive and has a negative effect on everyone.

Students are thus expected to:

  1. Observe a code of conduct befitting all citizens by the use of proper language, etiquette and appearance.
  2. Be prompt in arriving to their assigned places.
  3. Keep their desk, their classroom, and their surroundings tidy and orderly.
  4. Refrain from eating in the classroom.
  5. Have their textbooks, supplies, and equipment.
  6. Do their homework.
  7. Respect their teachers, even when they disagree.
  8. Respect themselves and the worth and dignity of others.
  9. Respect the rights of fellow students.
  10. Devote all their energies toward realizing their potential.
  11. Refrain from being loud in and out of class.
  12. Follow school rules and regulations.

Computer Ethics

Students have access to the computer facilities at IHS. The computers are to be used for school related work only. The same applies if students choose to bring their personal computers (laptops). Students must ensure the safety of their laptops; the school is not responsible for lost or stolen laptops.

Computers must never be used to:

  • To tamper with other people’s files
  • To look through other people’s files
  • To play or download games
  • To access social networks (facebook. hi5, twitter)
  • To steal information (hacking)
  • To access pornographic materials


IHS has a school counselor whose major role is for personal counseling (confidential discussions of personal concerns or crisis). However, educational and career counseling is also provided. Students may seek the help of the counselor of their own initiative but teachers or parents can also recommend the students for counseling.

School Nurse

In the case of minor medical circumstances (headache, diarrhea, menstrual issues, minor cuts and bruises, etc), students can visit the office of the school nurse. However, students must first obtain teacher’s pass or a note from the Vice Principal of students’ affairs to see the nurse during class sessions; they can visit the nurse at their discretion only during break sessions. In the case of severe injury, trauma or illness students are referred to the Independence Polyclinic; parents/guardians will be notified in the event the student is transferred for treatment. To facilitate this process, parents are advised to ensure that their child/children obtain a valid social security card and provide a copy of it to the administrative office.

Library Services

Students can access the services of the library and/or librarian for purposes of research, investigation or recreational reading during break sessions or after school hours. During class sessions, subject teachers may make arrangements for a particular class to visit the library to utilize resources.

Currently, the IHS library is equipped with encyclopedias, magazines, novels, academic related books, newspapers and five (5) fully equipped desktop computers. Students also have the option of signing out books or other resources provided that they are returned in good condition on the date established upon extraction. In the event that extracted resources are not returned on the due date established a small fine of $1.00/ per day late will be charged. Students must pay the imposed fine before being allowed the option of extracting further resources. Copy and printing services are also provided to students at a cost of $0.25 per page.

Campus Security

Independence High School is currently in the process of upgrading its security system. Currently there are two security officers on staff equipped with metal detectors who execute routine inspections of students at the main entrance, students around the campus during school hours and campus hotspots.

The security officers are also charged with the responsibility of identifying, logging and tagging of visitors. All visitors must obtain a visitor’s pass in order to gain access to campus grounds. The security officers also reserve the right to deny the entrance of any visitor pending confirmation by administration.