Board of Governors

The composition of the Board of Governors is in accordance with the Handbook of Policies and Procedures for School Services. It is constituted as follows:

  1. the principal who is an ex-officio member;
  2. a representative of the staff selected by the staff;
  3. two representatives of parents elected at a PTA meeting;
  4. two representatives from feeder primary schools;
  5. a representative of the alumni selected by the Principal and staff;
  6. one member representing business and two members representing the community all selected by the Principal in consultation with the staff;
  7. a representative selected by the governing authority of the municipality
  8. a representative of the ministry of education

I.H.S. Board Members

Mr. Omar Longsworth

Principal –Secretary

Mr. Profilio Teul

Staff Representative

Mrs. Wendy Lemus

Parent Representative

Mr. Kent Parham

Parent Representative

Mrs. Anselma Woolery

Feeder School Representative

Mr. Elroy Foreman

Village Council Representative

Ms. Ilsa Villanueva

Community Representative

Mr. Jerome Lozano

Church Representative

Mr. Hilberto Muschamp

Business Representative

Mrs. Sheridan Lambey

MOE Representative

Mr. Nathan Young

Alumni Representative

Mrs. Molly Burgess

Feeder School Representative