Independence High School History

Independence High School opened on September 12, 1989 with 65 students enrolled and housed temporarily in the Community Center. In October 1990 teachers and students moved into their new four-classroom building. Expansion continued as the student body grew and in 1991 with a student body of 175 students the institution obtained its second four-classroom structure.

Independence High School continues to grow and develop. In 1993, we acquired a science lab and a building to house our agriculture equipment and supplies. In that same year, we celebrated our first commencement exercise. Initially, our offerings included Arts and Business, which were structured to emphasize practical education in an effort to ensure functionality of our students in the varied industrial undertakings in our immediate surroundings.

In 1994, through the joint efforts of Government and The Michael A. Ashcroft Foundation, we saw the construction of a new business center and library and the acquisition of six computers.

The contribution of the business sector in our area cannot be overemphasized as we have been blessed with numerous assistance in the form of scholarships to deserving students, a cafeteria that is second to none, the provision of expertise in agriculture and business and financial contribution for the further growth and development of our institution.

The scholastic achievements of many of our students are further complemented by the school’s achievements in sports. We have become very recognized and respected by schools nationally for the success we have had in all sporting competitions at the secondary level. As a matter of fact, some of our students have represented Belize on national teams at the regional level.

We are now 24 years old and we have had to fine-tune and expand our existing offerings to provide for the demands of the business sector in Southern Belize. We now boast a school of over 960 students with our offerings expanded to include Industrial and Vocational Studies, General Studies, Tourism and the Sciences; 28 classrooms; well-equipped science and computer labs; an Agriculture Program that continues to grow and a very motivated staff of 52 teachers.

We continue our resolve to provide our young people with a well-rounded education that will enable them to effectively contribute to the further development of Southern Belize, and by extension – Belize.

Independence High School looks to the future with hope and optimism because of its many well-wishers and supporters. Thanks!