This is one of the original offering of I.H.S. It started out with limited resources. However, as time progressed the program developed and advanced tremendously. Presently , the department concentrates on Principles of Business, Accounting and Office Administration as its majors. Students also have the opportunity to challenge Economics and Electronic Document Management Preparation as optional courses.

Business Department

Principles of Accounts (POA) is a subject that provides information about the basic ideas that accountants use to decide how well a business is performing. If you want to learn how to do this, then POA is a good area for you to consider studying.


Course Requirements:

  1. Establish a small business on campus and execute proper accounting practices for a small business.
  2. Complete a POA SBA project using all the accounting requirements.

Principles of Business is a subject that provides students with a general understanding of different business activities, such as how to manage, develop or start a business. It focuses on Entrepreneurial, management, marketing and financial aspects of a business.


Course Requirements:

  1. Established a product and develop strategies to effectively market a product.
  2. Complete a P.O.B. School Based Project on a simulated business.

This subject is a great opportunity for students who want to work as clerical assistants, receptionists, record management clerks, accounting clerks and factory and dispatch clerks. They learn the skills they need to function properly in an office environment.


Course Requirements:

  1. Complete an O.A. School Based Project on a simulated business.
  2. Students will be given the opportunity to sit in front of an interview panel and get a first hand experience of a business employment process.

This is the study of how goods and services are produced, used and managed by people, It deals with buying and selling things.


Course Requirements:

Complete an Economics SBA project taking into consideration a basic economic problem and conducting an investigation presents its results.