Calculation of Report Card Average

The Credit hour system is used for the calculation of grades. For example, Henry James has the following results for semester I of 2009-2010.


Subject Grade            x Credit Hours               =                Total Points Obtained
Math 75               x 6 = 450
English 70               x 8 = 560
Int. Science 80               x 4 = 320
Spanish 90               x 4 = 360
Social Studies 78               x 4 = 312
Keyboarding 85               x 3 = 255
Agriculture 82               x 4 = 328
Rel. Studies 95               x 2 = 190
P.E. 92               x         ___1____ =        ____92_____
Total 36 2,867
Total Points Obtained     ÷     Total Credit Hours       =       Semester Average
           2,867                   ÷             36                         =             79.63

The average is rounded to one decimal point. i.e. 79.6
The same process is repeated for Semester II and yearly grades.


To qualify for promotion, a student:

– Must pass English and Mathematics
– Must not fail two majors
– Must not fail more than two subjects
– Must obtain an overall average equal to or greater than 60%


To qualify for graduation, a student:

– Must have met promotion criteria
– Must do 40 hours of community service at either 3rd or 4th Form and 1 hour of service at the school
– Must be in compliance with all rules and regulations of Independence High School
– Must attend Parents’ Appreciation Night
– Must have attended our institution for a minimum of three years to qualify for any of the top three positions ie. Valedictorian, Salutatorian or Vote of Thanks.
– In the event there is a known pregnancy or a student is parenting a child, he/she is not allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies
– is expected to comply with all graduation requirements. (Attending marching practice, use of proper dress code, attending singing practice.)
– is required to uphold a strong value system indicative of a respectable citizen

Honor Roll recognition is given to students who achieve an Average of 80% or above at the end of each semester.

Credit Hour System