“Community service is altruistic and is a vital part of many small communities. Getting involved in your community makes it healthier and livelier. Things which could be considered community service include tutoring children, building homes in low income areas, assisting the elderly, socializing animals at animal shelters, contributing to the operations of volunteer fire departments and emergency services, or helping with civic beautification” (WiseGeek, 2011).
In our mission statement, Independence High School as an institution pledges to provide every opportunity for its students to develop good moral character, pursue academic excellence, develop problem-solving skills and grow into knowledgeable, open minded, creative and
confident young men and women. Therefore, this new and revised community service format will lend itself to develop our students’ community-centered learning and appreciation for giving back to their communities that have and are supporting them in their pursuit of education.
This program is intended to be carried out by third form students of Independence High School and will be implemented in two phases: Christmas Break and Summer Break. Before school reopens for the new school year, administration will send out letters to each community that it serves; informing them of the community service program and that students and teachers may seek their assistance, as well as ask for their kind cooperation and understanding.
During the first week of classes, third form students will be oriented on the program and will be asked to sign up (for either phase) with members of the community service committee. N.B only half of the third form population will be able to do their project in each phase. The members of the community service committee will, within a week, meet with the respective students of each phase.